Great Addington Guitar Services

Luthier? A luthier is someone skilled in the art of creating and or repairing stringed instruments which have a neck (fret/fingerboard) and a sound box. Violins have these but I've never been trained for such so this is where I politely ask you not to enquire after repairs to orchestral stringed instruments. Great Addington's local luthier will only deal with electric and acoustic guitars.

About CLR

CLR began his guitar making days back in the 1970's. Since those days, he does have a few new feathers for his cap, many of which are guitar and music related. Having retired and acquired just about all he needs to begin this new service, CLR is available for consultations and repair services until he begins making his own line of guitars.


  • Fretting & Refrets
  • Body Damage
  • Broken necks / heads
  • Electrification
  • Surface damage
  • Mods & upgrades

  • We'll be offering

    All services to either get your old, tired or even broken old guitars up ands running again.


    There are contact details on our contacts page. This site is live. CLR luthier will open in Wellingborough Northants!