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CLR Luthier Wellingborough

This old "P" bass

was found on ebay and came with only 3 knackered strings, rotten pickups and a badly bruised body but it also had a straight neck and potenial so I set to it and the final result is as shown.

The Road Runner Strat

Originally, just a run of the mill, Strat copy transformed into split, Alnico 2 pickups, HH config with 22 frets and a wonderful paint job by Wellingborough's ??.

The Satanic Black Strat

I had an old Stratocaster sitting around (nothing special) so I did this to it. It became a super Strat, HSH with alnico 5 humbuckers, a Neodymium single coil mid pickup, a 100% gloss finish and a sound louder than an earth quake!

1960's Kay Archtop found on ebay

I paid £28.00 for this old timer and with all the love and gold I'm throwing at it, it should reap some handsome rewards in the future.

Did You also Know?

CLR Luthier offers all of the following services.
• Neck Resets
• Bridge Dr
• Machine Head Swaps
• Bridge work
• Nut Work
• Fret Leveling
• Refretting
• Body Damage Work
• Neck breaks

You do now!

Below are just a snippet of what CLR can do for you.

Descriptions on the left.
"P" Bass
became this

The Road Runner Strat

............. 2 more pics.......

An All Black Super Strat HSH
............. HOT 'n' LOUD .......

A 1960's Kay Archtop being rebuilt

At CLR Luthier, we don't just specialise in old guitars but will undertake work on all guitars no matter the age or level of the instrument.