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Wellingborough's CLR Luthier

CLR Luthier Offers:-

  • • To build your diy guitars
  • • Fix your broken guitars
  • • Pretty up your ugly guitars
  • • Care for your forgotten guitars

CLR Luthier also offers all of the following services.

• Neck Resets
• Bridge Dr
• Machine Head Swaps
• Bridge work
• Nut Work
• Fret Leveling
• Refretting
• Body Damage Work
• Neck breaks

seriously, we tackle all guitars

At CLR Luthier, we don't just specialise in old guitars but will undertake work on all guitars no matter the age or level of the instrument.

CLR Luthier.

We'll work on all guitars!

Classical, acoustic, semi acoustic, electro acoustic, solid bodies, bass, twelve strings etc, etc.

One of the most common repairs is the broken head stock. Our aim is to make the guitar playable and to hide, as best we can the damaged area.

CLR Luthier.