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Pricing of works required

• Prices can vary subject to the work involved,
What you might consider a straight forward job might have other, related problems that should be rectified before or other than what you might envisage.

We Care

Example: You might be suffering string buzz and want it corrected. Sometimes it just the neck or frets that need a luthier but at other times, this could be either a nut or saddle job and will in most cases need someone who knows what they are doing.

Our Workshops

Many people ask to see the workshops before booking. The main shop. I will put pictures here at a later date.

Generalised Prices

Neck & Strings

Re-String + strings & light Set Up £30
Replace Nut £45
Replace Saddle £50
Fret Reress & light Set Up £99
Floyd Rose Setup £60


Electric Rewire £ Dependent on circut, begins at £70
Cavity Shielding (Paint) £70
Pick Up Replacment & wiring £70 + Pick up


Refret (includes Set Up & new nut)
Nickel Silver £200 (Bound Finger Board +£45)
Evo Gold £240 (Bound Finger Board +£45)
Stainless Steel £260 (Bound Finger Board +£45)
Full Set Up From £80

Head & Neck Repairs

Headstock Crack (Glue) £75
Headstock Break (Splint) £140


Some refinishing will be done as part of the job but where clients ask for total or major refinishing, costs will be subject to discussion begining at £150
Depending on the condition of the guitar, all of these prices are possibly subject to change.